Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, March 27, 2017

Wallace and Grommit

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Transfers this week

Today is  Elder Bolnick's last day in the mission. I will get my new companion on Wednesday, I do not yet know who that is!! But I'm excited to see! Sorry so short, more next week!

My post meal stance

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Liberty to the Captives

Friday, March 10, 2017

When an investigator beats everyone to church

It's been an exciting week! Peter told us for the first time he feels that he has truly received an answer from Heavenly Father regarding the Book of Mormon. He told he KNOWS it's true, then he requested baptism... So he's doing great! His wife actually joined us for one of the lessons but just kinda hid in the back. 
We had a Chinese member give us some a nice duck to eat after our fast yesterday.
We taught the Espiritu family a few days ago. They are the coolest family. We met the mom washing clothes by a members house and we asked when her husband would be home. She said the next day so we came back and he is super friendly as well. One by one, their kids started to flow into their house, they have 6 little kids but lots of cousins. So we were able to teach their whole family about the temple and we told them we were looking for families to teach. They loved the message and their family was the first family at church on Sunday, they beat all the members there and waited to have someone open the gates! Then the mom and the dad and all their 6 kids went and waited in the chapel for church to start! It was awesome to have them there on fast Sunday to hear testimonies of other members and they really seemed to enjoy it!  

Santa Cruz is cool area and we are meeting with lots of cool members and have some great lots of potential here with these families. We had to drop Norma, even though they are 80+, her husband got jealous of us and didn't want us coming by... Interesting. But lots of doors have been opening up and it's a good time to be a missionary. 

Elder Roberts