Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Friday, June 19, 2015

"Safely arrived"

Hi everyone!! I'm safe and they told me to come send a message home. I can't read your messages yet but I will on Friday! My companion is Elder Roberts from New Zealand. Great match!!! Love his accent. I'm one of the few Americans here, almost all of them are Filipino or Polynesian. Tons of Samoans and Tongans and the other islanders. Haven't slept in days... Travel was tough but I made it safe! The roads are insane and nobody has any regard for traffic and horns are used liberally! I love you and the whole family! Food is amazing and the hotel last night was really nice except we couldn't drink the water, but I had plenty left over in my bottle from Tokyo. I'm taking lots of pictures.  Elder Monson and I traveled together and then a Las Vegas missionary joined us in L.A Then a Samoan Sister joined us in Manila. Then we met about 10 Polynesians at the airport. So this is the first day here. All is well     (Below are pics with Elder Monson whom he traveled with from SLC to Manila)

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