Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Friday, July 10, 2015

Week 3, even faster than week 2

So the days are finally going faster!! This week especially went by quickly. 
So this week a batch of Indian missionaries came to the MTC. They are hilarious and really cool. They said there are no wards but only branches there. They all have amazing testimonies because to join the church means to be disowned by your family. One of the Elders I talk to all the time said they tried to kill him because he is Christian now. Crazy huh? The church means a lot to them, and they wouldn't convert if they didn't know it was true, because he said they get beatings regularly in India. The Muslim culture doesn't like people converting to Christianity. 
 Also a huge batch of missionaries came from Malaysia and Indonesia. They are all really nice and humble! They all have amazing stories and really help me increase my faith. They teach me so much just by being themselves. 
So some of the Filipino Elders are going to California on their mission. So they come and talk to me all the time about what it is like and stuff. They ask the funniest things in the world. For example yesterday, one asked "It's okay to call people fat, if they are right?", He was curious if that was rude or anything. We were laughing so hard haha. I told him it was kinda rude. But here if you're fat, you're healthy. So it's okay to tell people they are gaining weight or they are big haha. 
It's rained everyday this week!! It rains crazy hard here. Yesterday I was studying and I looked up and it wasn't raining, filled a couple pages and looked back up again and it was a down pour!!! It rains so hard... All the time. It stopped long enough for us to walk to the temple today which was cool and then started up again.

 I'm a couple heads taller than all my teachers and most people here haha. 
This week I practiced teaching an investigator and when I got out I realized I didn't speak any English!!! I was so excited!! But I'm a long ways away but I think I'm progressing. I'm really excited to go proselyting this Wednesday out in the field!! It's for practice and it will be really nice to teach real people! 
At the end of my mission, I want to be life flighted home because I will have given my all to the Philippines. I'm here to work and I'm growing spiritually everyday. And physically actually too, I have never been so fit in my life! I jump rope 1000 times before bed and we get to play ball everyday and I've been doing tons of push ups with my companions. 
Local Policeman, we're tight
Funny story, today we got to go to the store for Pday to get snacks or whatever. These two Filipino guys came up to us and said hey Elders hows it going!! And we found out they were sneaking Beer into our cart, they thought that was so funny... They weren't members obviously but they knew we couldn't drink. We just kept saying Bawal, bawal (meaning that's not allowed) and laughing. Haha, anyways... They all have a weird sense of humor here but they are all hilarious!  Mom, you asked what kind of dancing I'm doing at the MTC since there's really no music here.  Just every kind of dancing you can think of.  Slow hip movements with leaps and snaps and you know, all that good stuff.  It's a riot here, but we work hard so we need some outlets sometimes.
View outside my window
 I love you all and thanks for your support,
Elder Roberts

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