Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, February 27, 2017

Peter, the Rock

This week has been a powerful week.

I have heard great news from the other missionaries when I saw them at a special meeting we had with Elder Bednar. Fred, the recent convert from Makati 3rd ward, defender of the faith, was walking down the street and saw a street rally for people who didn't believe in God and he stood in front of them all and bore his testimony of God, and then the Book of Mormon, and then rallied others to do the same. Apparently he ran quickly and got lots of people to come and gather! 

Also the Elders in Santa Monica told me that Charlyna, got baptized. I was so proud of her and glad to see that she was baptized.

In our area, Peter, the rock, has been doing great and is doing very well to live the word of wisdom. His wife is still hiding from us and his kids are VERY shy. But Peter has now felt that he can commit to a baptismal date! We are sad that the rest of his family is not quite on board yet, but this is the best way to start, with the head of the household first. We will watch the Restoration video with him tonight and we know it will be powerful, we will try and get his wife to join us again... 

We are also working with brother Ferrer... He is wanting to be baptized and at this point is just working on the Word of Wisdom, he is down to one stick a day... and he really really wants stop. We are doing what we can for him and we bought him lots of Mentos so that while he rides his Tricycle around he will eat those and not smoke!! 
We found some nice shade, got some food from the patron house and 
enjoyed spirit of the Temple grounds. 

I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. I know Elder Bednar is an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. The Savior lives and atoned for us. We need to use our agency well. 

Go to the temple as often as you can, they need us, and we need them.

Elder Roberts 

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