Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, January 25, 2016

Here kitty kitty

  This week has been awesome! We have been continuing to teach Sister Amy and she is really enjoying our lessons. This week we had an exchange so I went over to the Zone leaders apartment which was really high up in a sky-rise. It was cool to see another area of Manila. Their area is extremely different. We also got to do a service project while there. A huge part of their area burned down so we helped a less active for 2 hours dig rubble from her old home so they can build a new one there. 
View from our zone leaders apt.

  The language is at the point where I can say funny local expressions and things like that. Which is always super funny. They love seeing some random American say things like a Native. (I wish Luke would have given me some examples, I'll ask next week).
So many "pusa's"
   This week my companion felt like we should stop at a house where we had talked to this lady. We had tried there before but nobody was home. So we went back again. This time their whole family was there and we taught a great lesson. They are extremely involved in their Catholic church, no worries. If they read the Book of Mormon and pray, nothing else will matter. 
  Fred is still Fred, really excited for his baptism. His wife isn't interested... Yet. She is a jeepnie driver, and she is almost 70. Very hard working. Fred really wants her and his family to join so we will keep inviting and trying to get them on board. 
  If you are just in the suburbs here, people can drive around on tricycles. They just drive around and you can pay to get a ride. So my companion and I play this game. I ask how much it is to get somewhere and they say something like 50 pesos, then we walk around for a minute then try a different tricycle in the same area but this time HE asks. It's always cheaper at least 20 pesos for him. The only difference is that I ask how much, or he asks how much. Haha. I love my companion, he is so funny.  He's also a very sound sleeper so sometimes when we are studying and he ends up asleep, I see how many things I can pile on him before he notices.
My companion is such a deep sleeper.  
   I also get to help lots of Recent Converts work on their family history here! Which is so fun and I love to do family history. There is always a special spirit. I'm glad I was able to do it a little before my mission so I can help people here. Yes... My small little chapel is in the middle of the richest of the richest business buildings haha. They are huge!! Look it up on line. It's the Buendia Chapel. Life is great here. I really love it. We have a new Sister in the District from Transfers, she Filipina.
Buendia Chapel
We're here with our ward mission leader by me and the girl on the left is a ward missionary, great people!

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