Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year's Eve = War Zone

New Year's Eve was absolutely crazy... There are a lot less regulations on fireworks and things like that so it was like we we're in a war zone being bombed. All the missionaries had to be back into the apartment by 6:00pm. People die every year. They go crazy haha. Here it's a bigger holiday than Christmas. So we just went back to the apartment and we all ordered Pizza and hung out.   
So the Chinese investigator is doing great!! We are so excited for him. This week we had one of our investigators (Fred) tell us that every time we leave he checks everything we say to see if it contradicts the Bible. He told us everything we say about the Book of Mormon truly clarifies the Bible. He is looking forward to being baptized so he can pay tithing he told us. He has tried lots of churches but he knows that ours makes it so the Bible has clarity and direction.  
Fred.  He wasn't feeling well this visit
 I really wished I could still play piano..... Don't say I told you so. Make sure Trevor can play!!! Tell Clark I'm proud of him for taking it up.  SO the people on Christmas Eve were just nice members, returned missionaries. Haha you are not going to believe it!!! Elder Monson and I are now in the same apartment!!! He is an office Elder... Finance.... It's super nice to have him in the apartment! SO fun! 
This is me and Elder Monson who i traveled over here with to the Philippines MTC.  Kenny Monson's nephew.  Now he's in our apartment!  I love him!  We are with Pres. and Sis. Bowen from the area 70
When walking in the streets of the Philippines you can hear lots of kids yelling at you and stuff. Some of my little friends that are always hanging out on the street we walk through love to yell, "Yo Roberts, whats your problem?". Haha they aren't being rude it's just one of the English phrases they know and they think it's super funny. They laugh forever. Lots of the kids also call me "Utah Jazz." They seriously love basketball here!! I'm pretty sure if the Jazz could win the NBA title the baptism font would be full of people. We could meet lots of people from that! They love Karl Malone and Stockton too. Here the big teams are the Bulls, Golden State, Cavs. You can try and walk down the street but the police block it off for street ball. Gotta love it .  Here's your weekly food spread picture.  The members love to feed us and we really appreciate it.
Seafood Delight
Love Elder Roberts

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