Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Laundry chit chat creates strong bonds

So this week has been good. We have been talking to lots and lots of people. Our area is quite small but it is just full of people. We have been teaching the Gavino family, they are super cool. They have 3 young boys. The youngest 2 love to play trumpo, it's a top type game they play here, you wind the string around the top and then yank the string. Then you can do cool tricks with it -like balance the top on the string or flick it so it spins on your hand. Anyways their family is really nice. The mom has been having doubts and isn't really open to us. But last time we went there,  Elder Monson and I could see she was washing clothes and we joked that we came to help her. We told her how we hand wash our clothes as well and she laughed and we just got her to open up a little to us. Then in the lesson when we invited her to be baptized again, she said of course! Which was a shock to us, we have been teaching them forever! So we look forward to seeing them at church this Sunday. 
Fried yams on a stick, Yum

Throwback to when we went bowling with the sisters and Elder Adawag

 Another man we are teaching is Romi, he a retired police and is now a body guard for political people. He doesn't drink or smoke which is extremely rare here. He really wants to know where truth can be found. He is 60. He's nervous about the direction the world is heading and just wants to know what's right. I feel that he will soon become a member of our church.
The one the only, Elder Monson
    It's the hot season here right now. And yes it is. I can't even describe the heat in human words.  Banjo who I have mentioned before hasn't been home much but his wife loves to give us food when we stop by to see if he is home. The Filipinos are really friendly and nice. Their culture is so cool. Especially when it comes to food. The Gavino family actually made us a huge meal to eat before our last appointment there. They had home made Shanghai and Sinogang and LOTS of rice. The ward always thinks it's funny to try and make the missionaries fat too. I'm really happy here and I'm doing great!! Things feel settled now. It's weird, on missions, you just get thrown into new situations all the time, new transfers, new areas, new callings, new food, just everything is new and then you get used to it and it changes again haha. But I feel like I've grown so much. 
The scheduled cleaning of the Angel Moroni
Love Elder Roberts  

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