Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, September 12, 2016

I'm in the best mission. . .

Hello everyone!  I'm glad to hear Regional Conference was so inspiring.  Thanks for sharing what you had learned from it.  I'm glad the message from Elder Ballard was great!! It does sound really simple but just simply living the gospel is what we all need. We have a lot of less actives in my area who seem to believe that keeping the commandments is out of their hands, whenever it comes to work or lack of money, or to come to church, but keeping the commandments is ALWAYS a choice. We will always have our agency.  We will be taking a 5 hour bumpy bus ride up to the top of Palawan to a really remote place next week to check on a small branch of Tatay. They have had great growth and have beautiful baptisms in the ocean. I can't wait and I will send pictures, but it's not until next week still. Sorry so short, much missionary work makes Elder Roberts have very condensed computer time.  You all asked last week if we do a lot of service projects, we do a big project once a week.  I feel so lucky to be here, I just feel like I'm in the best mission, in the best area, just everything has been amazing so far. Missions are so hard but I feel great joy from it. Thank you for your prayers, I love you,
Elder Roberts
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My companion is muy guapo.

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