Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, September 5, 2016

Spider Fights

It's been good to get some nice heat this week. It usually rains in the earlier afternoon then heats up... It's been feeling pretty nice. Awesome week. Lots of fun surprises. We found a less active family this week that got offended. But they have 7 kids.... We are really trying to help them get to the temple now, they just got pretty offended. 

We also found some random less actives from the early 2000s who wanted us to give them blessings, we found this old man hauling wood to his house with his grandson, we gave him a blessing before he headed back down into the southern of Palawan. But we are now teaching his daughter who is staying here. 
We had a great service project this week to a house of a less active... We mostly just "weeded" out all the shrubbery... and the kids and Elder Brisken attacking a bees nest haha... 
Attack of the bee nest

PS. The less active came to church.
I got to go to Manila this week for a few days and that was fun... I got to work in Pasay.... It's just choas.... Lots of Markets and covered in people, felt good to come back to Palawan and relax and get fresh air. 
My companion is super cool... He's really really funny and is pretty laid back but like to get stuff done if that makes sense. I'll do some exchanges this week after our zone meeting. Yeah the membership is great here!! Very powerful!  
We had some spider fun in our apartment this week haha.  It's very popular here.  We caught them and tried
to get them to fight.  Pero ayaw nila.  We caught them and put them into containers. . . They are starting to
infiltrate the apartment. . . they are so dang fast too.

Yes.. oh my heavens it feels amazing to be out in the field... and to be in Palawan... People are a lot more open and nice here in Palawan!! We ran out of gasoline and it was fast sunday and we had to break our fast and eat somehow someway, so here's to inventive cooking.

Well I love you, tell the family I love them!! 
Love Elder Roberts

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