Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cow Intestine Soup, not too bad

This week our zone leaders flew in to do exchanges with us. They loved it here and had a hard time leaving. It was cool to see them! They said their mission is now complete because they can say they have been to Coron.
One is from Logan and the other from Phoenix.  Great guys!  So some pretty big news around here is that we get to move into the old senior couples house this week!!  It has a flushing toilet and even a shower!  We're lucky because it has a little couch too!  Big upgrade!
We didn't have all of our usual investigators at church yesterday but we did have lots of our less actives come! Which for us is gold. Even though the church is 4 years old here there are lots of people who are less active. Usually they are just waiting for someone to tell them they love them and remind them what the spirit feels like and then they come back. It has been a focus for us to really strengthen the branch so we were happy to see so many people coming back! 

Elder Tarzan

Also our investigator Dane came to church with Dexter and really enjoyed it!! He likes how our church is a lot more interactive than others. He is used to a pastor speaking to him for hours then going home. Also he really feels the spirit of the sacrament. He is really doing well! And Dexter as well! We are so proud of him for staying out of trouble. 
The Dizons are doing really really well! The mom is in Alma 12 and might finish the whole book before her baptism,
And the dad is in 2 Nephi and he says when he reads his urge to smoke isn't nearly as strong!! So that's been amazing to see... We are proud of him and the whole family!! 

Porter would be so proud of me


The Camachos are going great! We just need to get them married then they are good to go. They have strong testimonies. This is the family I sent a picture of last week I think. 
My companion made cow intestine soup this week for lunch. That was interesting haha.  Not my favorite but not terrible. The stingray was really good and also very bony because of all the pieces of the spine. Life is good here and we continue to meet lots of people. It's hard sometimes to tell who is really interested and who is being polite. But things are going well.                                                                                                                                                                            

Kid Fun

We taught a lesson yesterday to a man who told us at the very beginning that he was a devout catholic... So he told us he just wanted to be entertained and would listen to our message. He didn't really listen but he felt inclined to tell us that we were dirty with original sin and other things. But we left a pamphlet and bore our testimonies and he said we could come back. He is very old. But he needs our message and we will see how it goes next time.
Sister Dacullia,  the principal we are teaching, knows everything about our church, and know's it is true. Even our history with Polygamy and has no problem with any of our message. She just feels like she owes the Virgin Mary for helping her marriage take place and she also owes Saint Raphael (who I have no clue who that is). So we felt prompted to do a whole lesson just on Mother Mary. Letting her know how holy of a woman she is. And how she is even in the Book of Mormon. We will transition that into telling her that we don't worship anyone else but God, and he gives us blessings, even though the saints she has worshipped lived amazing lives and we can learn a lot from them. 
She is a lot older than us but really respects us and opened up to us. Her husband who passed away was also very Catholic. But she has made it to church before and I know she will come around.   
We did some beach clean up for service this week and that was really fun! We also went around and set up signs for vaccinations. The church provides lots of services here!! 

Thanks for your love and prayers, Elder Roberts

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