Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, September 7, 2015

1st Transfer, and I'm staying!

This week has been super hot. But it rains in the afternoon a lot which is nice if we are studying, but not so nice if we are out working of course. 

See what I mean? 
This week while we were walking around I felt like we needed to go talk to this guy on his motorcycle. He was just sitting there with his young daughter. As we were talking with him he asked us if we knew Elder Teh. Elder Teh is in the first Quorum of the Seventy and from the Philippines! So we said how do you know him?!? Turns out one of his foundations helped them in Manila. An LDS volunteer doctor or something  helped provide medical care necessary for his daughters birth. He was extremely open to us coming and teaching him! So we went over to his house, in a little hidden area we didn't even know existed. We saw another church next door to his house. So we went in to go teach him and it turns out he is the pastor of that church haha.  But he loved our message and both he and his wife want to learn even more. They are very humble and nice! Service really helps prepare people to hear our message. He knows his Bible really well and has a great testimony of Jesus Christ. I know he will enjoy the Book of Mormon.
Another after rain shot.  Why do we teach everyone that lives on the top of the mountain?

Our Branch President moved this week into a home right next to Palawan State University. He used to have an apartment below ours.  They have a little restaurant on the side of their house and it was full of college students! So we talked to them all and invited them all to English class! We decided to show Meet The Mormons at the restaurant next week. Lots of students eat there because it's right in the gate of their school! And President Neopuncino (our branch president) has gotten lots of students excited about the Book of Mormon and stuff like that. So we are really excited to go and teach everybody!! It's an amazing opportunity for us!

Palawan State University Coron
Palawan State University, they do love their basketball
Can you spy the 3 huts?

This week during our exchange we were teaching a lesson in a boarding house type hut. I don't know how to describe it. But the lady we were teaching is a former Muslim, and another boarder we taught is gay. Both very receptive to our message and read from the Book of Mormon. It just goes to show Heavenly Father is preparing everyone to hear the gospel. It's a good thing we don't get to decide if somebody is ready for our message or not. Because we have no idea. We have to let Heavenly Father show us who is ready because he knows, he will show us. We don't have to guess. Just follow the spirit. 

In the Dizon family, they have a cousin staying with them. His name is Roger. He is a college student and told us he is too busy to read the Book of Mormon. We promised him that if he read from the Book of Mormon before he studies he would do better and remember more. Next time we came, we found him reading it. Now he always reads and is growing a strong testimony.   
Life is great here!! It's been tough this week though physically. Lots and lots of walking haha.  But I love it and things are going really really well!  There is a kid here that reminds me of Trevor! He comes with us to a lot of appointments.   He loves the missionaries and he reminds of me of a Filipino Trevor. 

Today was a transfer day and I found out I'm staying here so that's amazing!! This is what they call the dream area. Coron.  Very few missionaries, very few get to come here and it's the best area. I love it here and I'm working hard.  So proud of the family! Sounds like everything is great!!
Love Elder Roberts

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