Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, August 31, 2015

Tonsilitis but ok

P-day Fun

This week I couldn't do much because I got tonsillitis. Haha but I thought I was going to die because I had Dengji fever symptoms. There isn't a hospital here but the OBGYN gave me medicine and I'm doing great. Never thought I'd need to see one of those guys. I'm okay now. The Teens are doing well! Especially Dexter. We went to go teach him and couldn't find him one day.  Then we found out he went to seminary with one of our less actives haha. So that's great!! He is really stepping up!! So we just need to keep him out of trouble but he is really starting to get the WHY of the gospel.  One of our new investigators is Sister Cleo Dacullia. She is a principal and really well-off. She is about 65 and doesn't have a husband and she is a gem. She is really stubborn with her Catholic church. She believes in the Book of Mormon but doesn't want to get baptized hahaha. I don't know.... But we will keep working with her and I have a really strong feeling she will come around, in her own time haha. Also we are teaching a new family. Cabanes Family. Super promising!!
Lita didn't come to church so we will go to her house and make sure everything is okay and teach her some more. But our water and power is back on!!

Short letter this week because we went to the beach and to waterfalls for P-day.  Some members drove us and it was super nice.    Yes, I use the Plan of Salvation Puzzle in Tagalog you gave me all the time.  The Filipinos really learn best from visuals and acting out, I don't know, it's hard to explain.  We teach sooooo many lessons each week.  It's just hard to get people to church for some reason.  It's just not the culture here.

BTW,  My Mission President told me I would be here for a long time haha.
Love Elder Roberts

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