Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, August 17, 2015

Excuses sometimes are legit. . .

Magandam Buhay po! Maraming salamat po para lahat ng panalangin!! 
This week I got flown into Manila for Zone conference for a few days so that was crazy. There were so many elders and sisters there!! We also got our shots!

See what I mean?  Lots of sisters and elders 
This morning we went to the market and got food for the week. We walked down the row of food stands and just heard yelling and saw piles of fish!! Piles and piles of fish!! Pigs are being slaughtered and fish being chopped left and right! We also get all of our fruit and vegetables there. It's fun to walk around see all the different kinds of fish! My companion and I came a little too late to buy any shark but that's on the list for next week!
It's a jungle out there
Sometimes it's very interesting to find out why people didn't come to church. These people have the craziest things that are actually usually pretty valid... One of our investigators lives in a canyon type thing in a little house on stilts... They are fishers so it's very convenient. We asked her why she wasn't coming to church and she said during high tide (church time of course). She can't leave her house because of the water she is trapped. So my companion and I have joked that we will just build her a raft on P-day haha.  One family, the Abucay family, have a hard time because if it rains the mom can't walk across the bamboo beams and the logs that you need to cross to. She can't get from the house to the beams because she doesn't want to fall in the water with her baby.  Every time we are going to their house I just laugh and say a prayer because I almost snap the bamboo every time and lose my balance on the logs. They are round and wobble whenever you step on them. Then I go to the bamboo and I hold out my arms for balance and just book it haha. I haven't fallen in!!  Yet.... So lets hope I don't.
Everyday I work hard to let my Heavenly Father know I'm dedicating myself to bringing others unto Jesus Christ. Becoming like our savior will solve any problem that we have... Any problem. When we become like the savior we are becoming happy. If someone isn't happy there is just a part of the gospel they don't quite understand. Because our gospel is joy. 
We teach an English Class every week and that's been cool. Yesterday in church the branch president came up to me and told me I was speaking in church.  The meeting had already started haha.   So I went up and just said everything I knew how or what to say about praying and Joseph Smith and people were smiling and my companion said it made sense and so did the members so I was really excited about the progression with the language. Then I was invited to teach the young men's lesson. I was in front of all the young men trying to read the manual to see what I was teaching. It went really well though!!  A little bit more about my companion.  My companion is super cool! very funny... He comes from a humble home and just likes to sleep on the wood floor in our apartment. Life is good! 
Elder Roberts  

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