Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, August 3, 2015

First Area. . . island of Coron, Palawan

Hello!!!! I'm alive haha. I can finally email today. I have been assigned to serve in Palawan! Not only that, but I'm on small jungle island of Coron. It's really small. Population about 42,000.  This island is about 266 Sq. miles.  There are only 4 Elders for the whole island. And it is outrageously beautiful.  Elder Cooper from Vegas got called here too. So there are 4 of us here. The other 2 were already here waiting for us. Both native.  
View from the plane. . . Incredible
It's a really small town that I'm in. Nobody speaks English except for my companion and the other Elders here. They speak Tagalog and even another Dialect called
Cuyonen, which is really hard to understand. My companion's name is Elder Casteneda, and he is from the Angeles area in the Philippines.  Lots of rice fields where he is from. It's nice to have a native and he is awesome! He is really patient with me speaking Tagalog and everything. 

me and my comp. Elder Casteneda
 It's so beyond beautiful here!! I mean so beautiful!! Beautiful is a weak word for this Island. Go on google and just type in Coron Palawan and you will see. Out my window I see the ocean and huge mountains, Fisherman and other small islands. Our side of the island is crazy. My companion told me where we were going on the map, and pointed to the ocean, I was really confused until I got there. It's a town of bamboo homes on stilts. over the ocean, they are all fisherman mostly and so is everyone here!
But the other part of where we go is in the jungle, waist high grass and lots of hiking to more bamboo homes. It's soo hot and it rains a lot but I love it here. And I love being on a mission. It's so amazing to see these people pull out their Aklat Ni Mormon "Book of Mormon" and tell us what they read, Anyone we get to read it knows it is true. Whether they keep their commitments is another story haha. We have several Geckos living in our home, and they are huge!! Also I've already seen a little monkey!
It's either beach, or jungle

The church is only 4 years old on this island so there is so much work to do!!! Everyone is a recent convert haha. But things are going well. Right now we are teaching a whole teenage friend group and they are great! They help each other keep the word of wisdom and read the book of Mormon. So cross your fingers they will keep coming to church!  For meals we eat fish and rice. All our meals actually. My companion is a great cook so it's been cool to learn! Today we went to the market and bought crab, eel, and squid for our next couple meals!
eel, squid and crab

my comp cooking crab.  Apparently this stance is very comfortable
I like to close my eyes during this part
Eveyone here has a religion, nobody doesn't have one. So I'm learning a lot as I go. Lots of Muslims here too surprisingly but we don't teach them unless we really feel promted. This island is even more beautiful than the pictures we looked up before I left.   It's incredible! Things are so cheap here too! It's just a 50 minute flight straight from Manila. It's honestly a real compliment I have been sent here. Because it is the most secluded place in the mission. President really trusts everyone he sends here. Rooming with me is a former AP and my companion is amazing and extremely obedient.   I really miss the family so much but I'm so thankful for your testimony and prayers, you all mean the world to me! One of the other Elders had a really high fever so we gave him a blessing last night. He is now doing great. Tell Trevor and Porter to look up all the cool animals and snakes on the island so i know whats here!!  We have about an inconsistent 80 people that come to church each week and we meet in a building that someone donated years ago.
 I'm so proud of you and the family for doing family history work!! Our time can have  such a great effect on the eternal welfare of others!! VEEERYY few people have cars here. so we ride a tricycle everywhere! It's actually pretty fun. Almost everyone here is pretty poor. But all happy! 
Back of my comp. on the narrow planks between houses

The power goes out a lot and so does our water. We just shower with a little bucket and some water and soap. I love the fresh mangos here it's beyond yummy! All the fruit is. But I have never even seen most of the fruit here actually. The Island is Busuanga. But where we are is Coron.  I love you all and I can feel your love and prayers.
Elder Roberts

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