Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, August 10, 2015

2nd week in Coron

So a typhoon swept around the Philippines this week, not hitting the mainland though. So it poured rained on us for about 3 days. And I mean poured rain haha. Which means mud of course. It felt good from the heat.

We have been teaching the Dizon family and committed them to baptism!!! I love their family so much!!! It's a husband and wife and 3 daughters. They had some word of wisdom problems but said they would quit. They have been coming to church and are just so prepared!! At first, every time we would enter into their hut, we would bring the spirit and they would feel it. But now... When we go there. The spirit is already there. It's the most beautiful and real feeling of love. They have a lamp already for us and have their Books of Mormon ready to go and are just so excited to learn more. It's hard not to get emotional when they tell us they have been reading and praying even as a family. Sister Lenni (the mom) even wanted to borrow our gospel principles manual after church on Sunday to learn more. We are also now starting to teach their grandma and other people boarding at their home. 
Service Project building a hut.  Notice the Elder from Vegas supporting EaglePride.
Another story that happened this week was when we were a little further into the mountains we saw an old man shoveling dirt into a bag and so we of course helped him and talked to him for a while. We set up an  appointment for the next day. But everyone we asked for directions to his house just kept pointing up higher on the mountain. His house was at the top of course haha. My companion and I were just dripping in sweat and laughing, cause, of course he would be at the top. But the view was amazing. He wasn't there but his wife was and she was very interested!! So hopefully we can get them and teach about the restored gospel at the same time but lots of hope for them! 
The teenagers we have been teaching have been doing okay. Just they have one friend who is really making it hard and is a bad influence. But I know they can do it.
On Saturday we played a pickup basketball against the Baptist church down the street.  Mormons Vs Baptist haha. I won't tell you who won this week but next I'll tell you haha. Things are great here. Yes I love my companion and no he has never been to Palawan.  There are 4 of us in the apartment and under us lives the branch president. He is a transplant from Manila to help out the ward. The vibe is good from the ward. Lots of strong people and actually several youth preparing for missions!! Well 3. we call them the 3 Nephites haha. They will be the first missionaries from Coron ever! 
Yes there are a million kids here, and even more random animals haha. Tell Porter I see crazy animals here! ask him to look up what is here! So if you can believe it, everyone in my apartment is sick!! Except me!! Just a nasty cold. Yeah our apartment is tiny but a lot nicer than what most people live in. Biggest problem here is definately word of wisdom.   We go into a lot of homes where the man are drunk after fishing all day. And that's just what they do all day.  But lots are making progress. There is a nicer area here called the Teachers village, It's where the teachers live that teach the students. They have more money and would be great leaders!! We are really looking hard for leaders!! To give you an idea of how many people come... we had 85 people come to church last Sunday which was good! So we will keep working hard to get that up. Today for service we built a hut store for one of the other Elder's investigators. He was smoking something weird the whole time but he is enjoying the lesson so hopefully he comes to church!
We do lots of services projects and I'm getting really good with a machete.
We saw a huge monitor lizard yesterday! It could eat me haha. Speaking of eating this week I tried eel, squid, pig blood, pig ear, bamboo shoots, and who knows what else.
I love it here though. I love the people. I love being a missionary, and I love Jesus Christ. 
Love Elder Roberts
These next 3 pics are right before I left for Coron.  I love my MIssion President and his wife, The Ostler's are incredible!

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