Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, December 7, 2015

I'm the new Relief Society President! Well, sort of

Life in the city of Makati will be a polar opposite experience from my first area, the island of Coron, but it will be an adventure for sure.  A lot of unknowns at this point, but here I go.
My zone.  Can you find me? Check out the tall red head in the middle.  No he isn't standing on something
Hello Everyone!! I don't have much time to write because things are so different and new and we have so much work to do.  I just got my birthday package and I love love love it.  I love all the treats and so does my companion.  
Me and my Comp. Elder Adawag
He is brand new, fresh from the MTC.  He speaks basically no English.... And Tagalog is not his first language so even that comes kind of slow for him sometimes. He is from the Northern Philippines and lives in a small bamboo hut. He is born in the covenant and loves that. Everyone's letters really lift my spirits.  This has been the hardest week of my mission. So hard. So I'm training, which is awesome!! It's super rare for missionaries to train this early in their mission. Also I'm district leader here in Makati. My district is all Sisters haha, so they call my position in the mission "Relief Society President". The Sisters are super sharp, also the Sister training leaders are in my district which is cool. And I'm shotgunning, or freshstarting. Which means two missionaries leave an area then two new missionaries are assigned. So obviously we don't know the area. And the past Elders didn't update the area book so we don't know who the past investigators are haha. So stressful. Also trying to find the right Jeepnies and streets and all of the huge buildings and lots of people.  Jeepnies are the most popular means of public transportation.  They are known for their crowded seating and over the top excessive decorations.

I really miss my first area to be honest. But I know things will get better soon. Please keep praying for me. I have the hardest group of assignments in the mission. It's called Shotgun District Training. It's really rare and even more rare for somebody so young in the mission. But it will be okay. The ward is really strong!! We had stake conference on Sunday so we saw Sister Lemmon. I'm glad she sent a pic to you guys.   Here are a couple of pics that I didn't send last week from my last P-day in Coron.
Rugby on the beach.  Invisible ball

Don't worry, I'm not snorkeling, I just stuck my camera under the water because I could see so many fish

Love Elder Roberts

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  1. I think that would be my kind of Mission playing, when you can, on the beach looks like good fun and soo pretty good work Luke