Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Party

This new transfer has been crazy!! But lots of miracles as we have done our best. Here in Makati, I've traded mountains for towering buildings, dirt roads for cement, small branch to large ward... Feels totally different but the work is the same. Different approaches here though, in Coron we could walk up to a small hut and teach some lessons but here is a little different.  This week we also had our mission Christmas Party.
Makati District
So my companion and I had to find all the old investigators because they had some close to baptism apparently. So we had only a road name and the last name Pelayo and set out to find him. The street was HUGE!! People laughed at us as we asked if they knew this name, "this street is huge... and has 1000s of people" they would tell us. But we had to find him. We stopped in the road... Just kinda overwhelmed. Then just waiting, mostly just not knowing where to go next. After a few minutes a man came out and asked us if we were Mormons, we said yes. He told us his name was Fred Pelayo. He had a feeling to look out his window. He saw 2 missionaries... standing in the road not knowing what to do next. He invited us in. We taught a great lesson and have been visiting him ever since. He is 64 and from a church that is infamous for harassing the missionaries here. But he knows that what we teach is the actual interpretation of the Bible. That is what he loves the most. So he is very excited for his baptism. Our apartment is ummm... not like Coron. There's lots of roaches haha. But it's starting to feel like home now... you know you just get used to it  :)
I love those socks you sent me!! So nice!! Also I really enjoy everything you sent in the packages... truly there isn't anything I don't use or used. Oh man. There is a family with a kid just like Trevor!!!! I mean holy cow.... He has huge collections.... of nic nacs and loves mine craft and just acts like Trevor, very polite but lots of energy. Then, when I thought he could not be any more like Trevor he comes running out of the back room with a rubix cube haha.  Saying Elder Roberts can you do these?? they are my favorite! Oh man I was laughing so hard.... The last name is Cheng.  The dad is in the Bishopric and they are just the coolest!!! The members really love the missionaries here. Yes we cook lunch at the apartment, lots of Elders eat out and lots don't. But my companion is from the same province as my trainer, and for some reason they are known for being good cooks!! So he makes Adobo, and fried fish, and lots of yummy things!!!    Also, our chapel is the Buendia chapel. The chapel here in the Philippines. Dedicated by Pres. Hinckley or something. At the time, there wasn't much around. Now it is so tiny (in comparison) to the giant buildings and businesses. The lot is worth so much!! 
   We do lots of just tracking here. Heavenly Father is preparing people all the time. We just have to find the SEEKERS. Not just the people who are nice and say yes.  
    The ward really treats the missionaries VIP here. We have lots of dinner appointments set up! 
   Chris Ward sent me an email and talked about some of the names here in the Philippines. Like Boy and Girl and just random names. We have a member that works with us all the time and his name is Lucky. So it reminded me of that. They have lots of unique names here, some Filipino, some western, some of everything.  
    Also we have a new investigator family that came to church! So that's great news and so very helpful if they come to church. That's usually one of the biggest barriers for our investigators here. 
Love Elder Roberts

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