Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, February 22, 2016

There is no "right of way" haha

Hello everyone! 
You asked if I eat much fish now that I don't have a native companion.  No, i don't eat much fish any more. Lots of chicken, lots of vegatable dishes and of course rice. Here they have lots of little places to eat and stuff like that, like just in neighborhoods. Super yummy. Yeah Elder Pickford is awesome. He lives below Sydney in a rural place. He is so cool. He is 24 so is way older than me but we have a really good time together. Yeah we are also all in the same apartment.
Elder Pickford

Cockroach relaxing on his back
No, I wasn't hungry at the MTC at all. I ate a ton haha. Yeah driving here is absolutely crazy!! I actually love it though it's super fun. You don't really stick to lanes and the rule of "right of way" doesn't apply here haha. No GPS,  just a big map book. haha We have already gotten lost. Everyday is an adventure. I get my "license" this Wednesday. The office is kinda far away from the mission home. Maybe 40 minutes? I got super sick yesterday. Food poisoning. It was miserable to be honest. We were out Proselyting and I just started throwing up in the drain/gutter. Then I didn't stop throwing up until really early this morning. I'm good now just tired. I ate lots of green beens that I think had pesticides. But I'm good now.

We did a church tour today with 2 Chinese people who came in.  They are on vacation.  They were super receptive!  It was a really cool experience.  China is going to be the place to be when it opens up.  Today's email is a bit short because we can go anywhere in the mission in the van for P-days, and we are planning an outing. We had a cool experience yesterday, though.  We were talking to a couple of people who were not really interested and right as we finished with them, someone walked up to us.  He told us he was a member.  He was in his 20's and wanted us to give a blessing to his wife because she is pregnant right now.  He has been less active for a couple years it sounds like.  He said he's been waiting for missionaries to come by again.  We gave her a blessing and shared a little bit with their family.  It's amazing how the Lord works.  I'm so grateful that our Heavenly Father is over this work.
(Recently Luke and his companion Elder Monson were mentioned in the weekly email that the mission President sends out to all the missionaries in the whole mission, I highlighted that below)
"I want you to know that our office elders are trying their best at this as well. Even though they are handling mission business all day for 5 days of the week (plus many other times), they are opening their mouths and sharing the gospel. Recently some of the elders went to the Philippines Area Office to take care of some business. Because of their goal to talk to everyone, they even talked to some one who was waiting in the lobby. Surprisingly, he was not a member of the Church, AND, he lives in their area AND agreed to receive the missionary lessons! I invite you to begin now to reach the mission standard of 190 contacts per week (except in some remote areas of Palawan that have slightly lower goals)."
I love you all, thanks for your love and prayers, I can feel them,
Elder Roberts

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