Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, February 29, 2016

Please don't give birth while we're here. . .

This week has been great!! Sorry I haven't been giving good weekly emails recently. Weird things come up. I have had some great experiences over these past few weeks regarding the priesthood. The first one was with a little baby who had a really bad fever. The parents were those 2 younger people that I took the picture with. I think I sent that a little while back. But their son was really sick and we gave him a blessing. The next day he was great!!  Their family was able to make it to church where they had a great experience there! Because I'm in a different area now I won't get to hear updates on them but I look forward to hopefully seeing them get baptized. Another experience was with an investigator in the international ward. He has been struggling with smoking but after we gave him the blessing he said his desire for it is gone. He has been working on stopping for almost a year now, but now he is doing great! So last week we were talking to this guy on the street and he was holding his little grandson in his arms. When we were done talking to him he wanted me to lick my finger and wipe it on the babies foot. That wasn't something I was super excited to do but my companion said it's a weird superstition thing and that I should it. So I did. I asked if that was something that was common he said it just depends on where you are from in the Philippines. We have been really working on getting our investigators to church. It's been a focus for the whole mission actually. To get people coming to church! After being in the office until around 4 or 5:00 pm,  Elder Monson and I get to work in the evenings which is kinda primetime for working/tracting so that's okay! Last night we followed up with this drunk man that invited us back to his house and we had a great lesson at his house! He is a professional gambler so that should be interesting but he wants us to come back and is looking forward to coming to church with some of his friends! His name is Banjo, we look forward to working with him and his wife is also very nice. They have a 12 year old son and a 9 year old daughter.  We are teaching quite a few people but are trying to   filter our teaching pool to people who will be willing to come to church and keep commitments. But we are finding them and it's amazing to see. Driving is still weird but it's okay now. Here’s my MTC buddy and I’m proudly clinging onto my gray van.  It’s surprisingly feeling second nature to me now.
Being chauffer is kind of fun

I'm going to love working in this ward they really are starting to get excited about missionary work. They all are watching out for each other and if people don't come to church they will stop by and stuff like that.  I looooooooove the package!!! Oh man Cliff bars were genius! That's perfect because we don't have really any time to sit down for a meal or to even make one so that is super amazing!! Yes, I'm slowly getting the hang of things here in the office, coding, technology, preparing slides, helping with transfers, taking people to the airport, picking up missionaries from the MTC, setting up things at the chapel, kind of everything.   Elder Pickford is now gone home from his mission back to Australia. He will be missed. Elder Monson is seriously one of my best friends, it is so fun to work with him and we are super similar. Oh man...The mission is really really flying by now. I'm scared it's going too fast. I love my mission right now things are just great! Turns out Dane got baptized!! I don't know if you remember him from Coron but when we talked to him he just quit smoking and now is baptized!! He is so cool. We are teaching a lady that is due this week so Elder Monson and I get scared to visit her because we know she will have the baby if we are teaching her, we don't want that to happen while teaching her!!  She’s seriously just going to pop.  She's anxious to come to church but it will for sure be AFTER the baby.  haha Thanks for all your prayers and for everything that you do.... I listen to my Ipod filled with Mo Tab alllll day!!! And in the car and before bed, the whole apartment is so grateful!!!  I love you all and I can feel your prayers,
Elder Roberts

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