Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Busy Busy in the Office

Yo Yo YO Everyone. This is your busy son Elder Roberts. You asked about the van, actually I'll drive the van everyday!! To the office, to run errands, to pick people up, post office, etc.  And we drive to our area as well. Right now we are in a 3some. With Elder Pickford and Elder Monson. 
She wanted a pic with us, because I interviewed her for baptism. She is so awesome!
Elder Pickford is the Australian. He is training me in the office. So pretty much my job is really hard to explain. But I do lots and lots and lots of things. We often don't have time to eat. And yes sleep is scarce. So President will send me emails or Sister Ostler with things they need done. My job is kinda the glue of office. But yeah I also replace phones, make slides for Missionary leadership meetings, update Presidents transfer board, I send refferals to the right areas and to other missions. I just do a million things everyday. It's stressful but I love it, it's a great opportunity. Oh man, Elder Monson is the best it's so fun being with him. We are super good friends, we are just so similar.  On transfer days,  we will be waking up at around 4:00am  on those days. The time around transfers are nuts for us!!!!  Yes, so I do also pick up new missionaries at the MTC and drop departing missionaries off at the airport. I arrange their hotels and who their companions will be with. It's nuts. 
 So you heard Elder Bednar while in St. George?  Wow, looks like you picked the right ward to visit. Dang you are so lucky! How cool is that? Next week my email will be longer I promise!! It was a great week. I have lots to learn here in the office. I love the new area! I'm still here in Makati, so lots of my mission will have been spent here in Makati. Good thing I love it here! Lots of miracles this week, real miracles. Regarding the priesthood. I know the church is true. I will right more next time. 
This is a super cool family I just started to work with before I got transfered.... I never got to say goodbye... I really love them. Very young couple with a kid. and the girl on the far right is Alma a recent convert :) 

Me, Monson, Pickford and the AP's

So my ward is Makati 2.  I was in Makati 3, but now I'm in Makati 2. There are 6 missionaries for the ward. The 2 sisters used to be in my district so I know them super well haha. I love them. The other Elders are the Assistants to the President. The others are auxillary leaders.

It was a great first sunday! I will love the ward. It will be a great 5 transfers haha! I should really know the ward well haha. 
Elder Roberts

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