Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Hello everyone. The Church is True. 

This week was nuts. We had a ton of stuff going on. We started teaching Romeo this week, he lives right next to Julius, haha Romeo and Julius......
Romeo is really interesting. We met him when he was pretty drunk because it was some holiday but we told him we would come back. We came back a different day and taught him a really powerful lesson. He is a worker on the Santos (saints). Back in the day when the Spanish were here they brought Catholicism here and they made lots of statues of saints and of Mary and Jesus and Baby Jesus. Anyways, they have these antique statues from the 1600s, of course the paint gets cracked and they get old. Romeo's job is to repaint and restore them, it takes him several months just to get one statue back into it's original glory. So he is obviously very catholic but he has a good friend who is Mormon and that has really helped him to be open to our message! His wife really tries to ignore us as of right now, but in her right time, she will come join us I'm sure. In my first few areas we had a really hard time getting fathers/men to listen to our message, but in this area, we seem to be teaching almost all fathers with a few exceptions. 
We met Jesus and Mary this week, at first they were super rude to us. He kept telling us, do you think we will change from Catholic, my name is Jesus, and my wifes name is Mary... We nodded and said okay okay trying to calm him down. But every night we walk past them and they look super excited to see us. Now they give us free gulaman (sea weed drink) from their store and asked us for a Book of Mormon. He told us, sorry Elders I only had time for the introduction, I promise I will keep reading more...  We said that would be great! He doesn't want us to teach him but if he keeps reading the Book of Mormon the Spirit will soften his heart, I have seen it before and I know they can do it! Jesus is really cool though, he was a professional chef in England for a while, and he and his wife just moved back, they are probably in their 30s. 

Well on Saturday it was my companions birthday! We went to an Indian restaurant and then I surprised him setting up a deal so that we could go play tennis at the mission home, which was super fun. President and Sister Ostler were really nice to let us go play. They live in a super nice Village so it's always fun to go there. President actually said "You know you can come more often than just a birthday right?" So we were excited to hear that.

We met this really interesting man in our area, the only thing is, he is Muslim from Pakistan. We aren't allowed to teach him without permission from our Mission President. We went to go visit the man but he was praying. But we saw him again and still is really cool. We will see what happens, we have lots of rules regarding that, just for our safety and his. 

In the office we still drive around everywhere with random problems and stuff like that. Today is election today and so hopefully things aren't too crazy today. 

Happy Mothers day to the Mothers.   It was so great talking to everyone on Mother's Day.  Here's a pic of me getting ready to set up for Skype.

The Book of Mormon is the word of God, and miracles are rolling across the earth. It's a great time to be a member of the church!  

Love Elder Roberts 

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