Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, May 2, 2016

Great Week

This week has been crazy. But lots of fun. We have been working with this family. The Robles family, the mom is less active, but the dad is very less active. We have really been trying to get the mom to come to church and she came! Also their son got baptized this saturday and the mom came again on Sunday! The Senior couple knows the dad so they came to the baptism as well. We are really close with them and we are going to their house this week for my companions birthday. 

We also taught Nanay Archy again this week! Nanay just means mother, she told us to call her mom, when we come over she always feeds us. She is super cool.  She fed us so much, just lots of fish cooked in unique ways.
When it's this small do you even bother taking the head off?
It's so yummy. Which was actually really nice because we forgot to buy food for dinner this fast Sunday. She really enjoys our message, we are working hard to help people understand the nature of the Godhead here. Because almost everyone here believes in God, they are willing to hear about Him. But they are often really confused to the actual nature of the Godhead. Many think Jesus is the Father, the Holy Ghost is a woman, the Godhead is everywhere and nowhere, that Jesus isn't Jehovah, that it's okay to worship Holy people. You would be surprised what we run into. It is so crazy that people can be so confused as to what is so universally simple. 
This week we also taught great lessons to all sorts of different people, we are finding lots of new investigators! 
Elections are next week so things are crazy here. They drive big vans through the streets playing music, there are millions of posters, and really loud rallies all the time. Sometimes we are walking around and people think we are campaigning for a president. Romy is still doing great, he still is always just in his boxers when we teach him, but we are really exhorting him to read the Book of Mormon. 
Patrick is a very visionary man (so are soo many of the Filipinos), he has had lots of visions in his life so we thought he would enjoy the tree of life. and he sure did! He read the whole thing a couple times and loved it! Now we just need him to come to church.
One word.  Heat.

There are still lots of crazy cats here, they are lurking everywhere. Our mission President also adjusted the morning schedule due to the heat, studies are now in the afternoon, so outside in the morning, studies in the afternoon, and then out working again. 
The church is true! 
Elder Roberts

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