Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We got a perfect 12!

Kumusta po ang mga minamahal kong mga kaibigan. Napakamaganda ang linggo namin. Seguro dapat magenglish ako. oo nga pala, magandang tangahi sa inyo lahat! 

Well it's been a good week, lots of crazy things happened to us but it's been good and we have made it out alive. A huge crane fell on our power lines during an interview today, and took down our powerlines, and the generator wasn't really set up..... So we had to drive everyone over to the mission home and took some computers with us as well so we could still work a little. It was a tough day and we didn't get out to work much this week. We did get to work but we didn't get out everyday. Which can be hard, even though it's our calling here in the mission it can be tough. But I know the Lord will bless our area. 

Ed read the Book of Mormon again! He said he knows it's true but he hasn't yet prayed about it. For his conversion he will need to receive that divine confirmation. He is super involved in his choir at the Catholic church. I love teaching him, usually just because we are in the city, it's hard to get any quiet lessons. But when we teach him, it's always quiet, we just walk up some little wooden steps into his humble humid home and the spirit has really been strong! 

Ed, like the rest of our investigators, love to feed us a snack when we get there to teach. No matter if you tell them you have eaten or whatever they will almost always go and get you a soda and some crackers. Almost all of our investigators do that for us, I guess that's the ideal snack for them! Often the water is unclean so it's safer if they just give us soda anyways. 

We will probably be dropping Romy and the Gavino family this week. They just don't seem to want to change at the moment. So in the future I know they can have another chance to keep commitments and such. But they just aren't progressing anymore and seem fine at the point they are at. It's never fun to drop people you love and have the spirit with. But we need to find the people ready to come unto Christ and the people who will keep commitments. Often times people just need a little break here and when the missionaries come again they are ready. 

We got our apartment checked this week, and the President Wolcott (a member of the mission presidency) sat down after checking our apartment, and looked us and sighed, "I hate to do this Elders" shaking his head.... I'm giving you a perfect score. Haha we were so happy!! It's only happened 4 times (and it was probably sisters apartments). So they took our picture. It was a proud moment! We knew our mothers would be proud (and that they might not believe us).
Here's the email President Wolcott sent to Pres and Sis. Ostler "Sister Ostler,
Elder Roberts and Elder Monson scored a 12 today on their housing inspection. They are great servants of the Lord."
On pday we actually got to play tennis again on Saturday!! It was super fun! I really want to get back into tennis when I get home, it's just so little hassle, all the courts are free, you just need a racket and some balls. It's so fun to play tennis. 
I know that Heavenly Father is ready to bless us and mold us into people who can become like Him and dwell with Him eternally. I know that the Church is true and Heavenly Father loves us and is way more involved in the little aspects of our lives then we will ever know. 

Love you all,
Elder Roberts   

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