Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, June 6, 2016

Pig's Blood is kind of chalky

This week was transfer week and everything went really well!! It's always fun to pick up the new missionaries from the MTC and talk to them on the way to the mission home. This is a really good batch of Missionaries. My companion was feeling a little under the weather this week so we didn't get out a ton but we did get to go out last night which was nice. The mission is really going by fast!! I might be in the office 1 or 2 more transfers then I'm out!! But we will see haha. 
Yesterday was our fast Sunday and we were really excited because we had a nice dinner appointment set up for later that night. This family had a son who had just left for a mission so they have been having us more lately probably because they miss him. But they are a part member/ less active family so it's nice to go over there and build a good relationship with them. So by the time we get to their house I'm quite hungry and excited to eat. We sit down in their home and the mom pulls out dishes for the night, and I go quite pale. They pull out a kinda famous dish here in the Philippines, pig blood. It's boiled pig blood  with chunks of intestines inside and an occasional ear... and then rice. Well that was a fun surprise. Luckily I see her pull out another dish, but when I asked what it was the dad laughed and said, don't worry it's pig, so I said well what part?? He chuckled and told me it was heart, liver and the rest of the innards of the pig... Spicy... So I shoved down the pig blood and innards and luckily they had some noodles and chicken as well which helped. The blood tastes super chalky. But the dishes are actually not too bad. Here is a short video that a nice lady took of us and sent it to our Mom's

Elder Monson and I are going to work on lots of finding this week. We just are choosing a specific spot in our area and are just going to talk to everyone there! Hopefully that will help us get some new contacts. Patrick is looking forward to another lesson this week so hopefully we can help him get off work on Sunday to come to church! 

Have a great week everyone!! Love you

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