Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, June 20, 2016

Go Ed Go!

This week has been another great week! Getting lots of things done and getting lots of good work!
    This week we got a new mission nurse, Sis. Turner.  She will be working with us in the office.  She is from SLC, and in fact lives in the cove.  My Mom knew her son when they were both at Skyline.  It's a very small world. 

Our area is pretty small so we are at the point where a lot of the time we will be walking down the street and lots of people just pick up their stool and whatever they are doing and take it inside until we pass, then they come back out again. We also have lots of good friends in the area who are really excited to see us but everyone is starting to look super familiar. 

A couple weeks ago I talked about the Muslim man we were wanting to teach. We were able to teach him and it was extremely spiritual... You could just feel the spirit surrounding us. He is such a humble man and so religious. He kept telling us about how he is just waiting and wanting for someone to teach him about Jesus Christ. We were able to testify to him about the Atonement and the Book of Mormon. He didn't have much time with us. But there is no denying that he felt the spirit. He leaves for Saudi Arabia this week and we won't have time to teach him again. But luckily, I just had happened to bring my English Book of Mormon in addition to the usual Tagalog Book of Mormon that I usually carry around with me. I was able to give him the Book of Mormon and he was just grateful, and he promised me that he would read it cover to cover and would give it back to me next time he saw me, and it would be read completely. 

Ed came to church again this week! And yes, he did join the ward choir! Haha he is so cool. He was introducing himself in Priesthood opening exercises and announced to everyone kinda in the form of a testimony about how he is no longer going to be Catholic but will be a Mormon. He then said pointing to us, thanks to my 2 friends, I know what church I need to join now. Then he sat down.  Everyone in priesthood just nodded with their eyebrows raised, thinking "that's what I'm talking about". The Elders Quorum has been great for him and hopefully he's getting some friends in choir. 

Elder Monson is transferring, so we will be in a threesome for three weeks until Elder Webster is done with his office training.  This was quite unexpected but change is good. 

Great week. Great time to be on the Lord's side. Time to gather the elect from all the ends of the earth. 

Elder Roberts   

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