Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, June 13, 2016

When it rains, it pours

It's been a great week here in the area! We have been working really hard in the office to get out as early as we can so we can go and teach! And we have truly been blessed and have met many cool people this week. 
View from inside the van.  Just road flooding all the time
This week, along with the rain, the blessings have been pouring from heaven! It's been the most successful week we have had in our area. We were just able to find some cool people to teach and we taught Ed again, who came to church and seemed to really enjoy to it! He is extremely involved in the Catholic church with choir and their leadership stuff. But they announced a ward choir practice for after church so we thought that would be so cool for Ed as an investigator to join the choir! That would be a great way from him to get involved. But he is such a nice man and he actually gave Elder Monson and I a necktie when we went over to visit him. Then we both wore them on Sunday when he came to church! It was a fun moment! He is about 50 and lives with his Sister and Brother. Never married worked in Japan for a long way time. He is such cool investigator and just keeps getting cooler. He agreed to be baptized in July... But he still has a long road in front him. Pray for him!

We found a family this week with 7 kids!! They in live a skinny alleyway in a humble home. When we go over to teach all the kids gather around and just stare at us with big eyes. They are cool family! Hopefully we can get some cool members to work with us to help them get to church. It's a lot easier to teach people than it is to get them to go to church, but when they do go they always love it. 

We taught Ray this week who used to be a driver for an LDS family. He was extremely impressed by the way they lived and acted. For some reason what got him the most was how polite the kids were because of Primary. Which is pretty cool. This week we are just preparing for Zone Conference next week so it shouldn't too busy but random stuff always comes up. 
We see some really humble wonderful people!
We were visiting a less active in this pic.  Just to give you an idea of how small this "house" is, I'm at one end of the house. Elder Monson is at the other end. Then he has a little mattress to my left... That's it. We went over to teach him a lesson and he had a little dinner for us! Spicy dried squid rice and little noodles. 
Love Elder Roberts 

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