Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, April 25, 2016

Transfer Week = Super busy

Last P-day was super fun! Yes, we learned so much about the Philippines.  It is hot yes... you wake up in the morning with just a wet forehead and just damp skin, that's with my little fan too haha. It's just always super hot now. The rainy season is kinda coming but not too far. I love the rainy season, it's lots of floods and typhoons but the rain is super fun. 
Well the transfer day went really well, my position is pretty much in charge of the entire day. Like we sit in a meeting with President, the assistants, office Elders, and senior couples, and they all listen and I tell them what we all need to do for about an hour. Then they do it on transfer day. It's our transfer planning meeting! It's so cool. But ya we had little sleep and crazy stuff, but it went very smooth. Another transfer day, many more to go haha. 
This week has been awesome. Even though it was transfer week and we were super busy, we were still able to get out and teach a lot! The lady who's birthday party we went to, had us over to teach her a lesson. It was great!! When we went back for a return appointment, she wasn't there (because of confusion on the time of the appointment). But her sister and her sister's husband were there so we taught them instead. And they REALLY enjoyed the message. The spirit was super strong. They are both Catholic, but the apostasy really did make sense to them when we explained it. (Catholics often don't like hearing about the apostasy). It made sense to them and they really saw the need for a restoration. 
Nothing too crazy happened for transfers, we didn't forget any of the leaving missionaries luggage, and we got everyone where they needed to be. It worked out great! 
Next week will be a longer message, sorry, I have a ton to do today.
Here are a few more pics from last P-day at the Palace.

Is this close enough Mom?

2 answers to your last week's questions.  The trait I admire most about my mission President is his wisdom.  The trait I admire most about my companion is that he's so very easy to get along with and peaceful.  Love you all! 
-Elder Roberts 

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