Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, April 18, 2016

Malacanang Palace for P-day

This week was really fun, the Mission Presidents Wife asked us to go to Malacanang Palace (Like the White House) to see if it would be a good place for missionaries to have district activities. So we got to stake it out and see how everything went and if it would work for the other missionaries. It was so fun! It has tons of history. It was a nice tour and fun time. If I ever come back here in Manila I would definitely do it again.  We got to go with the AP's as well.

The oval office thus the presidential face
Serving in the office has made us weird
This week we met some more cool people, we are doing our best to be able to find people who want to change, not just feel the spirit during "bible study". Because we aren't here to have Bible study. We tell them that but they still treat it like Bible study, which is common here. We are inviting people to come unto Christ. We are still looking for some families to teach, but we have lots of people that we will follow up with. In fact, we met a less active last night and his wife and kids aren't yet members. That's pretty common, to have people get baptized in their province, then move here to Manila, then just become lost sheep. So if people say hey Elder! We go straight to them. So this guy we met last night was baptized when he was younger and remembered the Elders and quite a bit about the church. So that will be fun to teach them tonight, we will see how that goes! 

Patrick read all the assignments in the Book of Mormon we gave him and actually requested that we would assign him all of Ether. So if that's his request. No worries haha. We will meet with him again this week and that should be awesome. We have transfers this week so things will be super super busy. We wake up at 4am and drive to pick up the new missionaries and we haul luggage around to the airport for missionaries going home, we just do all sorts of crazy stuff.
So the weather. . . People keep dying here because of the heat this year, I guess the El Nino is really bad. It's what they call a weather system. The heat is so bad here, they have declared it a "state of Calamity" because of how many people are dying because of the heat. They get super bad heat strokes and just all sorts of stuff from the heat, also all the farms are having a really hard time. It's the hot, on the temperature scale it ranges, but with the humidity, they say you add like 15 degrees haha. It's bad haha. But luckily we are in the office for the hottest part of the day, we just feel it when we go to the bank or run errands or stuff like that.
The other day we were looking for the house of this guy we met a few days before. We asked a man for directions and he sent us down this little alley way where he thought they lived. We ventured down to go look for him and we met these two ladies, they actually were super nice and friendly and invited us back for her birthday on Saturday. Then the guy we had asked for directions shouted down the alley, "hey, he actually lives over there!" pointing to another alley. But we would never have gotten down to that alley if we hadn't have been misled on accident to go down there!  We actually went back to the ladies house for dinner and they are super cool!! We got to talk to lots of people at her birthday, but didn't stay long. But she loves us, and gave us lots of fish and some rice cakes and set up a return appointment for us to have a lesson! So that was big blessing for us. Here's some more pics from our adventure,  I love you all!
We didn't get to see the President, just the head

what's weird is that I had a speech prepared

Elder Roberts 

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