Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, April 4, 2016

It's meat we're eating. I think.

We got super busy this week in the office but it's been a good week. We had another lesson with Angello, the Bible baptist. He is really into the Bible. We talked to him and he loves to ask us questions to try and argue and stuff. His church sends him as the representative to debate for their church. For example, last lesson. Elders, I'm a good man, but you think that I will be saved if I stay in my church with my Christ? He just loves to try and get us to say something or to see our answers to questions. We can get him! He told us he will come to general conference this weekend "100% I will go" is what he told us. He will look forward to that. 

This week at the Gavino's house, we knocked and they just all went to the kitchen to start preparing food for us, no matter what we tell them they just get food ready for us. Elder Monson and I were just eating we had no idea what the dish was... We said what is this? He just kept saying pig. But both of us knew it wasn't really meat though.. the texture was a piece of bread that been dipped once in a glass of milk. We were just trying not to laugh because we knew we were eating something quite different. We decided to wait until we finished eating until we asked him what part of the pig it was. After we were done, we asked and he told us. But we didn't really understand what the word meant. Then we finally figured out the word, it was bone. It was boiled bone... The texture was just like slightly wet bread. It was pretty good though! 

This week we are just trying to talk to as many people as we can! We are looking to get a new teaching pool, working on constantly finding and teaching. Everything is great down here! The work is moving forward and I'm so excited for conference. I know that President Thomas S. Monson is called of God as a Prophet. I know that the Book of Mormon is a powerful source of the word of God, and that it is a true and sacred Book. 
Here's our church building.  It's nice huh?? It's weird, the chapel is on the top floor. Makati 2nd ward is awesome! It's about a 15 minute walk from the Buendia chapel where we met before we became office elders.
The weather is of course really hot and wet, I sweat all the time just by being outside.  Yes,  kids do spider fights still, but even more in Palawan, here they love to play this game called Trumpo, look it up, ALL the kids play it haha, they also try and teach us how to play. The kids here can be super crazy, sometimes at night there will be like 20 kids in the street just messing around, and then they will see us going to the car, then they run and attack us. Haha like last night they tried to all get in the car with us, and we get in and shut the door and quickly as possible, they always think it's so funny to try and climb in haha. 
Chow time at the Zone Conference

I'm excited for conference which is rebroadcast here April 9and10th.  I love you all,
Elder Roberts

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