Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Drunks and Crazies have our backs

This week was awesome! We met lots of cool people. This week we worked really hard to try and get everything done in the office so we could get out and teach more. Which worked well! A lot of the time we have random things we need to do. For example, people are flying in from Palawan and we have to drive around removing mattresses from apartments and taking them to the right apartment where the missionaries are staying. So Elder Monson and I just drive around with our little map book and try find where we are. 

Our apartment
This week we met with Romy. His wife has really had her heart softened. Romy told us that she admitted to him that ever  since we have been teaching Romy, that miracles have been happening in their family. So she is really excited to see us, she is not interested yet in listening but she is now talking to us and bringing us food for our lessons with Romy. So she is slowing getting more and more used to us. She loves when we come and visit! 

It was an amazing session of conference! It was really cool to see the Buendia chapel filled to the back to hear the living prophet. That was really powerful! Conference was really special. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir really stood out this time, they were super powerful. 

360 view from our roof of our apartment.  We are actually super close to the ocean
We met the coolest guy this week! Patrick. He is so funny. We met him just sitting outside. People always do that here, it's way too hot to be inside so everyone is just kinda chilling out side where at least there is a little breeze. We went over to talk to him and he said wait, you believe that God was once a man don't you, and that we have a Heavenly Mother. We said yes, those are things that we believe. He said I know your Book! Then he recounted the story of Nephi to us. We were shocked. We went over to his house the next day and taught a great lesson and have another lesson set up for Wednesday. He works in a small internet Cafe so he just sits and researches our church all day. He asked us why we had so many negative websites against us, he pretty much reads all of the anti-mormon that you could possibly find. But that just made him curious, he thinks it's so "mysterious" that our church would have so much opposition and negativity surrounding a church of such nice people. He didn't even talk about the negative stuff he read online but just wanted to learn our doctrine, when we had come back he had read our whole pamphlet and only had one question, it was a really deep  question about the Plan of Salvation. So we did the best we could to use the scriptures and help him out. We also left him with some good websites to look at to learn more about our beliefs. He really loves our church, he also recited the history of Joseph Smith, even about the using of the special glasses for translating. He just kept saying, wow, mysterious, he is really curious and loves our doctrine of the plan of salvation. So he will be really fun to teach. 

I'm getting really pale working in the office.  This is me and Elder Sacay.  He just went home, I'll miss him
People love that we speak Tagalog to them. It really tickles them. People always tell us we need to join this game show where foreigners sing Tagalog songs in front of Judges, they LOVE that show here haha. People are super nice. We are doing our best to become friends with everyone in our area even if they aren't interested in the message. Every lady who is always washing clothes, or everyone at the fruit stands, bakeries, police, security guards, drunkards, kids, just everyone. Even if they aren't interested we make sure we be their friend for when they are ready. It's awesome to be walking down the street and random people just hold up their fist and yell Elders! They know we are on their team. Haha all the crazy people and drunk people will always tell us to let them know if anyone messes with us and they will come help us. It's super funny to have the crazy people tell us to be careful and watch out for the crazy people. We always just nod, and say okay. Because all the people we would need to even watch out for, are already watching out for us, it's a great system. 

The other office elders think this is really funny to keep making this my screen saver.  haha  good one
It's a great time to be a missionary and it's a great time to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know that this church, is the restored church of Jesus Christ himself, and he restored it through the Prophet Joseph Smith. That Priesthood is also back on the Earth. 
I love being on a mission! This is the best country and people ever. 
-Elder Roberts 

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