Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, July 25, 2016

Ed Got Baptized!

Well first things first, Ed got baptized!! It was such a great baptism and a spiritual day for all of us!! So many people from the ward came that there wasn't room for everyone to sit. It was so great to see the support of the ward and the Spirit of the Lord was there... 
He told us that the day before his baptism he just couldn't stop crying because the Lord gave him the joy of his baptism. It's kinda hard to translate what he said into English. But it was powerful. "Repent and be Baptized and have your sins remitted and get the spirit's zeal: oh, then you'll be united. Go cast upon him all your care; He will regard you humble prayer, And bring you home to Zion to praise the Lamb."   Hymn 322 verse 3
We love Ed so much!

Such great support from the members
So this week an Indian came into the office and asked for a tour of the chapel. Of course whenever people wander in we just stop what we are doing and go over and give them a tour! So this man from India said he works down the road. He is a Hindu, but he felt really drawn to our church, even though there are several other churches on this street, he kept asking people at his work about our church but they had no idea about it. So he came and saw the visitors welcome sign and came in. We gave him a tour and then gave him a Hindi Book of Mormon, and he really loves the story of Joseph Smith.... Anyways we invited him to come to church to the international ward. He came, went to all 3 meetings and absolutely loved it!! He asked for more material from us to take it back to India. There aren't missionaries yet in his City of over 2 million people. But some day down the road he will definitely be a member! Very good experience and very powerful with the spirit. 
This week I had to fit mountainous luggage into our van.  You'd be proud of me.

We found a great part member family where the dad is extremely inactive and unknown to the ward and the family has no idea about the church but are very excited to be sealed, so we can work with that I'm sure.

It's been a great week... and I loooooooove being a missionary :)

sorry it's blurry
Love Elder Roberts 

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