Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, August 1, 2016

I'm getting transferred! Time to get back to the field!

It's been a great week and we have had lots of great experiences. Yesterday we got pulled out of Priesthood 
opening exercises because someone was saying somebody needed a blessing. We went to the back and there
was a little 13 year old boy looking down playing with Clay... His mom just starting bawling, the boy is probably
going to pass away really soon... His heart is filled with fluid and and his blood is out of balance or something and
he almost has no vision now... He was just sitting playing with clay, his mom is a member but hasn't been to church
in years, the son isn't a member. He apparently is a really good artist and REALLY good with clay. It was his first
time in church and asked us if he come again tomorrow. We gave him a blessing and it was really spiritual... 

Ed's baptism and testimony last Saturday had everyone there crying it was just so powerful...He's doing great!
He got the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday, and now we are now trying to work with his older Sister... 

SOOOOOO I'VE GOT BIG NEWS!!!!! I'm transferring!!! Hahaha WOW! It was super unexpected... President Ostler
pulled me in and said you're doing great in the office, and then he said I will start to train my replacement. So in about 3 weeks
I will be back into the field... WOW. Turns out there is an emergency transfer and Elder Monson is leaving
He is being transferred to Bonifacio, which is a cool area and pretty close by. I don't yet know where I will be going.
But I can't wait to see...  Woo hoo!! I'm really looking forward a change... Should be really good! 

Sorry it's short! I could write for hours on all the stuff that happens but time is short.

Love you all! 
Elder Roberts

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