Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, October 3, 2016

I'm with Elder Cooper again!

Let's just start off with the weirdest thing I've ever seen.  This is a "horseshoe crab."

It's been a great week... Lots of tracting and looking for new people and working with the ones we have... 
We had a typhoon come through so it rained quite a bit... 
I had a weird feeling to carry an English Book of Mormon instead of a Tagalog one on Tuesday, which I never do. But I sat down on the Multicab (jeepney) and I was next to a woman who wasn't responding to me when I was speaking to her. Turns out because she couldn't understand me, she was Japanese. So we were able to talk in English then I was able to give her the English Book of Mormon I had... Who knows what will happen there... 

Stray kitty looks just liike Mittens

I'm going to really miss Elder Dela Cruz
Elder Dela Cruz is being transferred and I will miss him so much! He was really funny and we have really built up the area... Okay...... YOu are not going to believe it!!! My new companion is.... Elder Cooper!!!!!! He gets here on Wednesday.... Hahahahaha can you believe it?? I was so surprised. I can't wait!!!! IT will be so fun but the odds of that are just ridiculous... He was the Elder from Las Vegas and I flew over here to the Philippines with him and Elder Monson and we served together in the same apartment in Coron.
City of Roxas

Elder Schaeffer in the jungle

My spiritual experience this week was having less active family come to church yesterday... We have been trying so hard to know how to strengthen them and help them on their journey back to the church. We just couldn't figure out what was keeping them from coming to church. Turns out the mom was offended that her name was spelled wrong in the church records... Well the Branch President said he would fix that and the next day she and 4 of her kids came to church again with a nonmember cousin! The smallest things.... 
All the missionaries in Santa Monica First

I miss that nice fall weather back home, I can almost feel it through my sweat.  The work is moving forward, more and more branches are being created here in Palawan... More people are going to the Temple of the Lord. Puerto Princesa will soon be a stake... The church is true, NOW is the time to labor, NOW is the time to be found living the gospel. It's very exciting here (and really hard work)! 

Love you all,
Elder Roberts 

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  1. Love you Luke and the great work you are doing. You continue to be an outstanding young man and I'm proud (grateful) to be related to you! Carry on!