Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, October 31, 2016

Best church attendance excuse "It's too muddy"

It's been a rainy week and it's been lots of work. We were able to teach the nurses 2 more times this week and they have continued to read the Book of Mormon. They have told us though their concern is the ripple that would come from them joining the church, their family is all very catholic. We will bring some cool members to work with us this week that can help them with that. 
Mud and more Mud

Just an example of some of the people we run into here. We were trying to talk to this older lady who was just standing outside her house, and we asked if we could come in and teach, she waiting for a few awkward moments and then said, "it's too muddy".  Haha we don't know if she couldn't come up with anything better but we took the hint and just said bye. 

We are teaching some cool people but we are still really working hard to find new people, a lot of the people we are teaching right now are having a hard time coming to church, mostly just because they don't want to. Too many excuses. So we are always working hard to find. 
Elder Cooper wondering how to pass the mud

My awesome comp.
We also have this new investigator who drew this painting of El Nido, a town here in Palawan. 
In one of our areas this week these kids thought it would be fun to follow us around, the kids pretty soon picked up on what we were doing and tried to do it for us with their own twist on it. They would go up to a door before we got there and say "Tao po" (People), it's like the equivalent of knocking at a door, then all 3 kids would say, "Mormons" haha. It was so funny, then we would walk up and take over from there. But the kids here are actually really helpful in finding people the Elders used to teach, or they will warn us if there are crazy dogs at a house or just things like that haha. The kids are like 5ish and 6. But they love being our "helpers" 

This week we had a birthday dinner with President Mosquera, the district president, walked through ankle deep mud for days. and loved it all.  Thanks for all your love and support!
Elder Roberts 

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