Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, November 7, 2016

Great Birthday!

It was a fun birthday in the field. The members are cool and it was fun to be with my good missionary friends.
It was a very fun birthday. The senior couple (the Addurus) took me and Elder Cooper to the Mc Donalds here.
Which is like a very very high class thing to do here haha. It's quite expensive here if you can believe it. The rain 
has let up a bit this week and it's felt nice! Everyone here is really gearing up for Christmas (they have been 
since September haha). We had Saints day this week, which is November 1st. So Elder Cooper and I walked 
around for a while but it was just pretty eerie. Nobody was out, it was just dark and kinda foggy. 
We could just see the dim glow from the candles at every house. That's their tradition,  they leave out candles
to invite their deceased ancestors in (it's comes from the Catholic Chruch). But we were able to make our way
to members house who gave us a little rice treat before we went home. We had one kid come to our house for
trick-or-treat, and that's it. Halloween isn't too big here, but everyone did go to the cemetery.  I have about
4 kids around my back reading this right now. They love to huddle around my back to see what the white guy
is doing on the computer.

We had lots of our less actives come to church yesterday!! It was really rewarding for sure. Their progression is
 often very slow and definitely at their own pace. But they had a great showing yesterday and we really love 
them!!  We've got to get these people to the temple!! 

We have a recent convert temple trip coming up so we have been getting people ready for that as well. 

Elder Roberts 

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