Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, November 28, 2016

Crocodile Sausage, Things that make you go hmmmmm

We had lots of time to proselyte this week which was amazing! We got to go to a place in our area where there reportedly are lots of less active families. We searched and asked around but with no luck. We didn't find one of the 9 families on the list. But, we got a few new investigators out of it and made friends with all the people in the area, (Golden Valley area). 
These are the missionaries in the Santa Branch.

Sacrament attendance was great.  We had the primary program this week, lots of part members and less active members came to watch their kids. The kids did a great job!! It's never a dull moment with the primary up there. The investigators enjoyed the program as well. 

This week we went to follow up with a man we had met tracting. He quickly let us in again and introduced us to his family, and then quickly ran to get one of his sons. One of sons, has been in the hospital for 4 weeks with an intestinal problem. He immediately wanted us to give his son a blessing. The Catholics have something similar to a blessing, it's where they put there hands over them and call it a pray over. So they assumed we did something similar and asked for this "prayer over". We knew what he meant and were so grateful for their faith and the opportunity to bless their really sickly son. We get to go back next week and so we will see how he is doing and how the family is. They really seemed to enjoy the restoration. They are a really well off family too. They own the Almonte farms here. Should be great to see how it goes. 

We went to the crocodile farm last p-day. It was awesome!! We got to hold them and it's crazy how big those things get...

We will have our nativity program for the mission Christmas party next week. I'll be Caesar of course. Apparently they film it so I'll send the video when they give them out haha. 
We had a returned missionary come back to the island with his parents.  It was great to meet the Thompson family.  They said they loved it here, but who wouldn't.  

It's been a week of lots of good work, laying the foundation. I learn new things everyday and really am giving it my all. The Lord has His timing in all things, that's a principle that I'm seeing over and over again here on the mission. I love it here

Elder Roberts

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