Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, December 19, 2016

Merry Christmas

This week has been a great week. Elder Cooper and I have really been trying to work with lots of active members. In the past I have felt I wasn't using my time wisely if I was over at their houses. But we have been getting close with them and got some referrals in the works! We are trying to use all of our sources for finding new investigators. We are trying a little bit of everything! We got some cool referrals from a less active lady. You would think that because they don't come to church that they don't really care, but they do. They still love the church and the Lord it's just a hard time for them. But we are gathering a team of us to find scattered Israel here in Santa Monica, we call them the Santa Monica Saints. The work is doing really well! Benji (the investigator who had the dream) has been coming to church and now has brought his other sister that we have been teaching! They are both really into the classes at church and just love it! 
We had a great experience this week with an old man who is less active that moved into our area from a different branch. He hasn't been to church in forever. We went over to his home and we taught him a little Christmas message. He seemed to be crying a little and said he would come to church but wouldn't promise (they all love to say that here). We told him we would come and pick him up and we would just go to church together. Sabay-sabay tayo. He really loved that idea and was grateful. We went to go get him and we went to church together, he was a little nervous because he is from a different branch and was afraid that he didn't know anybody. The members were just awesome!! All the old men came and talked to him and put their arm around him literally (they love that here) and took him to Sacrament. His name is Eddie, but they call him tatay Eddie, which just means like father Eddie. He loved church and is doing great. Its really hard to describe the feeling of being a missionary and the joy you feel even when other people keep the commandments and feel the joy from that. It's been a great week and I love the Lord Jesus Christ and being on my mission. 
After I got done with a long day of work, and the other Elder in my apartment had erected an tower of plan of salvation pamphlets.... Turns out there a spider inside of it.... Hahaha  

Still dancing Mom.  I choreographed this one.  The elder on the right struggles with rights and lefts

This family is the best They are new in the church and LOVE taking good care of the Elders 
Here are some pics of the cool reptiles and animals we see.

Elder Roberts 

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