Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Great Skype!

This is the Dad of the branch president in Coron
Well it looks as though I am being transferred.  Next time you hear from me I'll be back in Manila somewhere.  Here are some pics of the service project on the mango farm.

It's been a great week! We had our branch Christmas party this week and it was a great turnout!! We had some investigators come and some less actives that haven't been to church in forever, we stopped by their house a ton and then they actually came. With the Mendoza family we had been texting them to come. We finally called and said we are coming over to your place and we will go together, they kept laughing and kept saying don't come here we will just go on our own. So we went over anyways (we knew they would love that). They just kept laughing and said fine fine we will really come. And they did!! She sent us a text later that night, and she said, "Elders thank you so much! I've been lost from the church for so long and I want to come back now..."
That felt so good to hear that from them.
We have also been teaching a pastor. We met him tracking and have been back to his house a few times now. We went into his house, and we were really surprised to find out it was his chapel as well. It was totally his chapel for his congregation. He wanted us to teach him and his family there. We sure did. He's a humble man and hopefully he seriously reads the Book of Mormon. We promised him if he did. He would know it was true. We told him that we knew it was true. 
I love the Book of Mormon. It's so powerful. When we meet these people who love Christ so much we get so excited, because the Book of Mormon is another testament of Him, and we know they will love it. 
We had a great Christmas. The members took great care of us and we were able to spread lots of Christmas cheer. Lots of people were more open to us because of the Christmas season. 

I'm so grateful Christ was born. 

Elder Roberts 

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