Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Back to the Mainland, I'm in Santa Cruz

Hari ng Tondo. 

I'm back in the mainland! I'm here in Santa Cruz!! Our apartment is actually in Tondo, but we are in the Santa Cruz Ward. It's a change of scenery for sure... I don't think I'm in Kanas anymore. That's funny you should ask about Elder Reber, he's doing awesome.  That's cool you saw his Dad at the gym and caught up.  He's a great missionary.  Yeah I love it here sooo much. It's really poor, but yeah that's an understatement hahaha. You can't describe what it's like here.... It's weird to think that this could possibly be my last area.  These next bunch of pics are from my last few days saying good bye to the people in Palawan.

Sorry the skype was so loud. Yes, that senior couple is the best, but it's true, Senior couple do SO much to help. It's crazy how many people they get sealed in the temple and on missions, they are just extra helping hands for the missionaries, Pres or the ward or wherever they are assigned. 
It's been a great week here! I'm companions with Elder Fiesta, he is from La Union Philippines and with Elder Fiesta how can it not be fun.  He really is a party.  It's funny because I actually picked him up from the MTC now I'm companions with him... He's a great Elder and we are excited to light our area on fire! We have thousands and thousands of people that live in our area... Thousands... We actually have the LRT train in our area so we use that to get around. It's nicknamed the concrete jungle here. It's a jungle but not the same kind as in Palawan...
The work is doing great here! It was hard for me to leave before Charyl and Benji's baptism but Elder Cooper said he will send pics. Elder Fiesta and I are the Zone Leaders here for the Manila West Zone, We also have the only young single adult ward here in our zone. 
We were able to teach Tony and Mila this week. They are in their 70s and love learning about all the visitations from angels that Joseph Smith experienced. They really love the restored gospel! They have to use their glasses AND a magnifying glass just to read the Book of Mormon haha. But they love that. They came to church yesterday as well!! They are just the type of people we are looking for. They are brother and sister. I spoke in church yesterday on baptism, since it was the beginning of a new year, I talked about how baptism is starting a new life.

Jc also came to church yesterday. He is a cool little guy we have been teaching. He is just like Trevor.... He is really funny and loves to draw and mess around with us when we come over. He's always so excited to tell us what he learned from the Book of Mormon. 

This is an incredible area with lots and lots of work to do. We are just scratching the surface here of all the potential. 

This picture is in the house of some recent converts, this is the size of their whole house, I barely fit sitting. There are 7 kids! The dad is not yet a member and we are working with him... He is not in the picture though...  I love my new comp. Elder Fiesta!

The Harvest is great, and labors are few, but if we're united, we all things can do

  Well I love you all and thanks for sending your love!  
Elder Roberts 

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