Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!! These are pics from the story I told last week of helping that mans truck out of the 
ditch!  These were all of the people gathered around to watch and we ended up being good friends by the end.

The timing was perfect I actually got to go on exchanges on the other side of our ward just in time for Chinese New Year! They have China Town in their area so all the signs of course are in Chinese and there are lots of Lanterns and the Chinese music and Dragon dances. It was really festive! The Elders have been working hard in that area but it's been a little slow with progress in that area. It was good to go on exchanges and see how they work. They are looking to try some new finding ideas to reach a different crowd there.

 I love Elder Fiesta! He's great, he's really good at English and a great teacher in lessons. He likes to joke with me a lot and it's been really fun being companions with him. He's only had American Companions so far so he's pretty used to it.  Oh man yeah I love Pres Ostlers weekly emails. he's always so spot on!! 

You mentioned how awesome the Australian Open Finals were with the mens and womens.  I love Fed and of course I love my fellow-lefty Nadal.  Sounds like a great match.  Fed is a classy guy.  Elder Fiesta is actually a tennis player!!! He loooooves tennis and knows all those guys. Cool huh? we are going to try and go play at the mission home in the coming weeks. Oh man I love watching tennis! We just found out Elder Bednar will be coming here to do a little mission tour type thing in the end of February.  
Miss Universe is really going strong here!!! We just found out the Miss Philippines didn't make it into the the top 3. Everyone was a little disjointed but it's still okay. It's live right now all the members here are watching it. The beauty pageants here are a big deal!! 
This week JC had a cool experience with the Book of Mormon. It rained really hard one day and all his school books and art book got soaked and got warped, but he said the Book of Mormon had NO damage even though it was with all the other books. He really loved that! He didn't come to church yesterday and a member said he got beat up in a fight the night before by some older teens. We will go visit him to tonight to see if he's okay. 

They always eat Spaghetti here for birthdays, but the sauce is really sweet it doesn't really taste like the spaghetti we eat in the states. They love to add hotdog in there as well. It's really good! We are working with Ammon's dad who is not yet a member.   

We were doing some tracting the other day and rang this one door bell to a nice house. A kid about my age opened the door. He looked really surprised to see us. He spoke to us in English because he is studying at college and is very proficient in English. He kinda had a interesting look on his face and then said his dad is a member of our church. We were quite surprised and asked if his dad was home. He said no, he moved back to Hawaii, because that's where he went to school. we asked what school did he go to in Hawaii? He tried to remember and then said BYU Hawaii. Elder Fiesta and I looked at each other then asked to come in. He let us in. We asked him what his religion was, he told us Born Again Christian. We asked him  would you like to learn about your father's church and learn what lead him to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? He told us he REALLY wants to know why his father joined our church. We taught him a great lesson but when we went back he had left us a note saying that he doesn't have a phone, and his uncle made him move to help him with research. He thanked us for helping him on his journey to discover the truths that lead his father to our church. In the letter he wrote that he contacted his dad through facebook. His father was so over joyed to hear that he was investigating the church and told him where he kept his personal old copy of the Book of Mormon from when the missionaries first told him, the son was able to find that and take it with him to his new location. He also stated in the letter he would read the Book of Mormon and learn more about the Prophet Joseph Smith. 

It's been a great week. We met with the Stake President last night and he has great plans for the stake and is looking to do some missionary firesides. 

I love teaching the Gospel the work is really rolling out. 

Elder Roberts 

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