Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, January 9, 2017

Mormon Medicine

It's been a busy week!! I get a lot more time to work here and I really am enjoying it! There is never a shortage of people to talk to. Lots of people still don't know our church. In fact, the vast majority of people we talk to haven't really heard of our church. But lots have seen our church building. It's RIGHT next to a church of another religion and kitty corner from a Chinese Temple. We have China town here so there are lots of Chinese places to eat, Chinese people, temples. It's really cool! In our ward we even have a few Chinese Members. Yeah it's crazy here but I'm really enjoying it. You see a different side of the world. I didn't even know this many people lived like this. It's REALLY humbling and often difficult to see the way they live, but I'm happy here and I know our message is a message of joy. 

It's fun to be in the same heart as someone else haha.  This cute little girl Monica drew this for us

Today is a HUGE gathering for the Catholics... They have 15 million people gathered at Quiapo church to try and see the Black Nazarine. A statue of Jesus that survived a fire on a boat on the way to the Philippines a long time ago, the statue is now black. People are all trying to touch it for a remission of their sins or for blessings. The Filipinos are a very religious people with very strong faith! 
 I just barely heard today that the Camacho Family from Coron was able to go to the temple last week!! I had no idea otherwise I would have tried to go. But I'm so happy they were able to go!! 
I got a little swollen from a cockroach bite on my arm
This week while teaching Mila. An older investigator we have, she talked about how she has overcome her sickness, her doctor and family asked her what she's did to get better after being sick so long. She told them, Mormon Medicine. She said it's because she's been coming to our church. We are so proud of her! 

 We have been teaching a lot of people here recently and lots of them have questions about Adam and Eve. People have crazy ideas and lots of conflicting doctrine. Genesis only has about 2 chapters on it and people really interpret it in many different ways. But... Lots of people have really been enlighted and have enjoyed Lehi talking about Adam and Eve in 2 Nephi 2 to his son Joseph. People really feels it makes sense and works with whats in the Bible. 
 The Book of Mormon is a clarification of doctrine, and truly the word of God.

Elder Roberts 

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