Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Elevator Time

It's been a great week... A little bit slow here because of Holy week. Here Easter is only a small part of the celebrations. Everyday for a week there is lots of celebrating. Mostly people are setting up stands and putting idols on there and singing prayer to them on the streets. It's actually really cool but lots of people go back to the province so it was hard to get too many lessons. 

Had a great p-day today, went to some cool historical places today. But emailing time is crammed now but it was worth it. 

The Primary President has asked us to speak in Primary for a little bit on the role of prophets. It was really fun and the kids got really quiet when the Elders came in haha. But to say thanks for that the Primary made us a mango gram cake during a primary activity and presented it to us. It was really good! 

We are teaching the coolest part member family, the Navarro family. They were kind of a random find, and Bishop recommend that we go and stop by there. The parents have been less active for 12 years due to being offended from gossip, but have attended for many weeks in a row now. We have been teaching their children who are super cool! 

We got stuck in the elevator with a Chinese girl this morning. She was freaking out. 

I know that Jesus Christ is alive, he conquered death, we will all live again. I'm so grateful for Jesus Christ and all that he did for me personally. It's been a great time to share the gospel this Easter time. 
I hope you enjoy these pics.

That's me in front of a 50 foot statue. He's a hero for rebelling against the Spanish, he gathered the natives to fight the spanish!

Elder Roberts 

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