Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, April 3, 2017

New Temple in Metro Manila!

I'm so excited for conference, I get to watch it this weekend. When I woke up this morning we had gotten the text from our mission President!! That we will be receiving another temple here in Manila!!! That's soooo exciting!!!!! The temple here is always very very busy and it's a small temple. So that will be amazing to get another temple!! But I have no idea where they will put it... This City is soooo crowded and packed already... Yeah Elder Jones is really funny, he's brought in some great ideas from his last area's that we area trying. 

I got really sick yesterday. Some kids gave me some water from a pump faucet but I didn't know that's where it was from.  But I'm doing much better now, just super tired... 

Love you everyone!
Here are some pics for you.  one of them is Elder Jones getting his ingrown toenail fixed.  Ouch!

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