Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I was struck by a J.W. pamphlet

It's been another week full of surprises. I went to Tondo 2nd ward and there is always something crazy waiting for us there.

This week has been full of blessing as well, that family that was a member referral ended up being a really nice family! We taught a lesson that went really crazy, it was one of those lessons were you ask about the Holy Ghost and they start telling you about all the ghosts that they have seen and demons and things, one of those lessons that you feel like you lost control of the lesson and it's hard to bring back. We did not expect them to come to church but they did!! They seemed to really enjoy it! We will follow up with them tomorrow. 

We were teaching a nice lesson this week to a family we had met tracting, we were explaining the importance of the restoration, when we got hit with a pamphlet. We looked to were it come from and saw that somebody had thrown a Jehovah's witness pamphlet at us from the other side of the window haha. We were so surprised but just kept rolling through the lesson. The investigators were trying not to laugh. 

Our investigator who has the member girlfriend is doing soooo well. He read our assignment and filled a couple pages of his notebook with insights and questions. He has also accepted a baptismal date! 

Elder Roberts 

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