Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, October 5, 2015

Excited for Conference!

This week has been really busy. We flew into Manila for interviews and are back now. The internet was shut off yesterday so it's a Tuesday message. We get to listen to conference next week which will be awesome!
This week we taught Dane and Dexter together since they are good friends. We taught Dane about a living Prophet and asked him what he thought... He said "speechless".. Haha he is awesome and really soaking in our lessons. He is really doing great. My companion also gave Dexter a hair cut this week. Looks much better haha. 

Dexter checking in the mirror to make sure it looks good
My comp. has infinite talents
We visited a lot members and reminded them to keep reading their scriptures and praying. The church is so new here lots of people need a little loving reminder.
Also we did family night at the Dizons house last night! They are getting ready for baptism now. We taught them and kinda gave an example of family night. We had a small lesson, treats, bonding with family, and a couple games. They totally loved it. 

The Camachos at this point need to get married. It's hard to find time to meet with the Judge. She is really busy. They have been together for like 50 years they just aren't married so if we can get them married we will be able to help them get ready for baptism. 

Everyone here has a religion. I still have not met anyone without a religion. And there are so many different churches here! Catholic is the biggest. But there are 7th day Adventist, Lots of different kinds of baptist, Jesus is Lord, He is Risen, Iglesian Ni Cristo, Jehovahs whitness, just so many different kinds. Some are easier to teach than others. 

The language is slowly getting there. I realized I no longer have to translate a lot of what people say in my head anymore. It just makes sense. But with speaking I still have a long ways. But the progress is really picking up. I even know some of the local dialect. 

cool huh

Pday beach fun

gorgeous p-day
I'm grateful we are able to have conference. I know our church is led by the Savior through our Prophets and apostles. 
Love Elder Roberts

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