Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


The Dizons got baptized this week!!! Except for the dad because he needs to work something out but should be ready to go in a couple weeks. He was emotional seeing his wife and daughter baptized and really felt the spirit. He is excited for his baptism as well. It was a special day and they really love the scriptures and the church.

Dizon Family
Right before baptism
Sister Leny Dizon (the mom) told me something really interesting yesterday. She told me she saw me in a dream with the Prophet, but she had it before we had even taught her about a living prophet. She only knew Joseph Smith at the time. But she saw Pres. Thomas S. Monson and I, then later we taught about the prophet. She said she didn't know who he was but she knew he was the prophet. Then at conference she said "that is the man I saw in my dream with you", and it was Thomas S. Monson. It was a really cool experience and we were really surprised! Her testimony is really strong and I love them. 
Oh and you asked me about the ring I wear, I got it at the MTC, it says Philippines Manila Mission and on the inside it says Elder Roberts.  All the missionaries have something like it.  They are super cool!
My Filipino Trevor

Love our members
This is week has been difficult because Elder Cooper got super sick and got a bacterial infection and couldn't really leave the house.  I felt so bad for him.  So sometimes I had to stay at the place while my companion and his companion visited his area so it didn't die. He is better now luckily. But we weren't able to visit as many people because of the situation and the switching back and forth. 
   The typhoon hit the mainland but we just got lots of rain... So heavy is broke my umbrella just from the weight...   I feel bad because my companions province got hit really hard, so that's super scary.
   We found out yesterday my companion is being transferred. He is going to be a Zone leader in the mainland. I'm staying here in Coron, I don't know my companion except that he is Polynesian. Elder Tu'ua. A great Elder from what I've heard. But he doesn't come until sunday so I will be with the other Elders until then. 
   We got some new investigators this week! We climbed a huge hill and found a house, overlooking the Ocean. Just a beautiful view. We knocked and an old man opened the door and said Pasok and walked away (That means enter). So we walked in and he starts setting up chairs for us to teach him. He is in his upper seventies and super friendly, he can't hear very well but is awesome. We asked who was there with him and 6 people ended up joining us in the lesson. Here families live all together. So he introduced his daughters and their kids and his sibling and just a whole family tree. That's common to see lots of extended family living together or at least very close. Old people hold lots of respect here so if they aren't intersted it can be hard to teach the people in the family who are. But in this case the lolo (grandpa) loved us so we are now able to teach his entire family! Lots of the family weren't there, so we get to meet them next time. That situation is ideal too because family is of course a great support system for each other. And lots of people get to learn together. 
  Life is good, even though I couldn't visit as many people this week,  we're so pleased with lots of prepared people that we found in the amount of time we could teach. Lot's of people prepared and being prepared. It is only a branch here now but I know it will become a district sooner than we could imagine. 
Love Elder Roberts

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