Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, October 26, 2015

New Companion!

What is big, from Alaska and pilots airplanes?  My new Samoan companion!   I LOVE HIM! He is seriously so incredible. SO amazing. I love him so much. My best friend for sure. His name is Elder Tu'ua. He just radiates the spirit and is like a brother to me. We already are such good friends and will become so close. He's only been here two days.  He is just so loving and kind and just loves to be obedient and work hard. Before his mission he was a pilot in Anchorage Alaska. He is great. We are a little worried about his size over here in our area haha. Lots of homes over the ocean, and lots of planks and bamboo to get there. Even I have broken my fair share of boards so we will definitely have some interesting stories to tell here. His Tagalog is incredible so I'm excited to have a companion who knows what it is like to learn the language. 
Tonight's menu, diced cuddle fish and fried fish

    The language for some reason this week really picked up! Something clicked and I just don't even have to translate basic conversation, it just is understood, it's hard to explain. But the speaking still needs lots of work. But, lots and lots of progress this week. 
    So we arrived at church to find one of our investigator families the Camachos, cleaning! They all had brooms and stuff and were just going to work. What do you even do when you find your investigators a half hour early to church before you and even the members get there and find them cleaning... Just so cool. I love them. Big family. The spirit is always really strong when we gather together and they all pull out their mga Aklat Ni Mormon and we read. So powerful. We have lots to do this week. Lots of people to visit. It just comes down to if people will actually do the commitments. Lots of people are too shy to say no so we just have lots of people who say yes but don't do anything.
My companion saying good-bye to the Camachos (He's leaving, not them haha)
It's gorgeous here
   Ryan agreed to be baptized this week. We have lots of work to do with him but the desire is there and he is curious. We will help him turn that curiosity into faith. 
   Dexter, one of our favorite teenagers around here, didn't come to church so we will hunt him down today and see what he is up to. He is doing really well but church attendance is still super hard.  
   My new comp and I climbed Mt. Tapias today for exercise. It was beautiful!!
View from the top of Mt. Tapias
You asked last week about baptisms in the ocean, Yes we usually baptize in the ocean here...But not anymore, We have a blue tub on the side of our church... NOT quite the same but it's a baptism still :) Heavenly Father knows what he is doing and we just need to figure it out and get on board. I love being a missionary, it's really hard but that's the beauty of it, and part of what makes the reward so great. 
Love Elder Roberts

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