Elder Luke Roberts

Elder Luke  Roberts

Monday, October 12, 2015

Loved General Conference!

This week has been great! I don't know if you remember Lita (the lady with a house full of coconuts), but after we taught her, her neighbors told her weird things and now she avoids us. So not her time yet but at least she knows who we are now.  
Oh man conference was amazing. So amazing. I loved Eryings talk on the Holy Ghost!! We watched it with the investigators and even the branch pres brought food for the missionaries! We got to watch and listen in English in the bishops office, while the ward watched in the chapel in Tagalog. I'm grateful I got to listen to it in English. All the talks were super incredible. I also liked Elder Renlands talk about seeing people through our Heavenly Fathers eyes. Super powerful.
The Cabanes family loves to have us over to teach and they are really receptive to our message but they never do what we commit them to do. They like to hear our message but not really do it. So this week we will really see what is holding them back, if anything or just really focusing on the commitments. They have 6 kids and really want them to grow up with the word of God. (That's what they told us). So we will see how that goes this week.

 A boarder at the Cabanes house Ronron, sits in with the lessons. He is in his 20's with a wife and kid. We were so focused on the Cabanes we almost forgot to ask him how he was doing. He told us he reads 4-5 pages of the Book of Mormon every night! He knows it's the word of God!! That was super exciting and also hopefully showed the Cabanes an example of what can happen. He loves it and has very good questions for us. 
random monkey

We Love Living in a House!  (flushing toilet and a real shower)
Dizons will be baptized on Saturday. Except for the dad. He has some legal things he needs to workout with some trouble he had before we met him but he is set for in a couple weeks. We are so happy and of course excited for them!! 

We talk to lots of people everyday and try to get our churches name out there and invite people to come unto Christ. It truly brings joy we have a hard time describing. I know our decisions can bring down the blessing of Heaven. I'm in awe of my companion, his family does not support him on his mission... At all. They think he has gone astray haha. But his aunt is mormon and he lives with her. It was her that helped him get out on a mission.
study time
We have a big monitor lizard living around our house... We see him running around sometimes. Transfers are next week so we are interested to see who will go and stay. 
Love Elder Roberts

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